Our Vision

Our Vision is to serve as a framework to guide all possible aspects to develop an everlasting relation between company and end users. We are committed to unfold the new horizon of Customer Services with our precious cultural ethics and modern professionalism to create harmony between internal and external customers.
Smilelenders believes in inner satisfaction to earn livelihood with dedication and cataclysmic happiness.

Our Mission

A smiling society free of stress with prosperous people and also give the opportunity to the talented people in their fields, help them to reach to right place.

A trainer is not himself a CEO but he create CEO's (Kamran Rafique)


Kamran Rafique
Founder, CEO and Lead Trainer of Smile lenders

Client's Testimonial

It has been a very motivational session in which we aware about the new horizons of high quality of service. The session was very friendly and respective. We gained a lot of knowledge about stress management. We are heartily thankful to Kamran.

Adnan Hussain Siddiqui
Banking Service Manager, Allied Bank Private Limited

Our Courses

Customer Services
Time Management
Stress Management
I am a Champion
Call / Contact Center
Third Party Contractor

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Please use the contact form on Contact US page if you have any questions or requests, regarding me. I will respond to your message as soon as possible. For directions, please see the map same page.

Phone: (+92) 321 4427594
Hotmail : kamranmentor@hotmail.com
G-Mail : smilelenders.mail@gmail.com

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